Dimensional Print - or DPrint - was founded in 2004 by GHIG Investment Group. Starting with a focus on blueprint printing for architecture, engineering, and construction industries. We have expanded our capabilities to include services for everyone that works outside of the dimensional industry.

DPrint today offers more services than just blueprint printing. We can help support your business needs, along with personal hobbies and everyday life. Here you can print flyers to promote your business, print a large vinyl banner for your kiddo's troop, order yards signs to promote your rental properties, scan old photographs to save with your digital files, or ship that last minute gift to your loved one.

We have print solutions for all types of industries. If you have a question about our services or would like a quote for a project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help with your printing, archiving, and shipping needs! Give us a call at 972-788-0733, or email the team at print@dproom.com.


Meet the DPrint Team

Graphic Designer

Rebekah provides graphic design services for your branding needs. Do you have a question about your print files? She is happy to help!

Printing Clerk

John assists the shop with all types of printing services. If you need prints delivered locally, he's your guy. Wave at him in the DPrint van!